Sicilia Kitesurf lesson

Marsala Kitesurf lesson
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Sicilia Kitesurf lesson

If you are on holiday in Sicily and you want to visit the Stagnone area, in the province of Marsala, the experience of a Sicilia Kitesurf lesson with the KTS school will change you forever! Whether you are experienced kiters or absolute beginners, with KTS you can only progress!

Sicilia kitesurf lesson. KTS, the academy of fun!

Anyone who likes the idea of sliding on the water, dragged by a kite, on a flat sea, surrounded by a wonderful landscape, we strongly recommend trying the kitesurfing experience. This sport began to develop in the 1800s, when George Pocock, an English teacher, used kites to tow vehicles over land, snow, ice or over water. Since then until our days, the technical evolution of materials and teaching have developed to allow you to practice this adrenaline-pumping sport with maximum safety and simplicity!

The importance of kitesurfing lessons

You cannot practice this sport without having learned the theoretical / practical basics, DIY is never a good idea. Just as it is not a good idea to dive with cylinders without the accompaniment of an experienced instructor. Relying on experienced people to start this sport, even just for a baptism of the water or to get advice on the spot you are going to surf, is always a great way to get around safely. You kite for fun, not to risk accidents! And, another important aspect is your progress.

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Kitesurf lessons to really improve

Sicilia kitesurf lesson

What is the purpose of a kite course or lesson? The answer is obvious, right? Learn and progress in this sport by improving your skills. However, we often see lessons populated by people who struggle to understand how to improve. This may depend on the teaching technique, on equipment, or even on an instructor who, although good, does not have effective skills to pass on his know-how. KTS has a belief and a commitment to its students: to achieve the real progression of each pupil. Regardless of the starting level, it is important for us that at the end of our lessons, the student improves. Always.

An “odd” school for a kitesurfing course

When people look at our lessons from the outside, they often wonder if we only hold one-to-one course. It may sound strange, but at KTS we don’t do group lessons. The student-instructor relationship is one-to-one even in the basic courses. Do you know what that means? It means that our students always have an instructor available who follows them step by step, guiding them in their progress. The same goes for the advanced lessons: the relationship is one-to-one to work hard on improvement. You can teach with the best assumptions, but your job is done when your pupil is able to do what he has never been able to do before. And his sincere smile proves it!

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Kitesurfing courses for couples or with friends?

Defined as semi-individual or associated courses, these experiences allow a couple, or a couple of friends, to have the opportunity to learn together with a single instructor. Unlike with other schools, with KTS a dedicated instructor will take care of you an hour longer than the average. In other schools you may also find three, and in some cases even more people, managed by a single instructor. For us this goes against the interest of the students’ learning curve, and since for us the important thing is to make you progress, you will never experience an organization of this type.

Why do kitesurfing lessons or courses with KTS?

kitesurfing lessons

Slapping ourselves on the back saying we’re the best is not our style. We do our best to make you enjoy and progress in this fantastic sport, that’s a promise!

And besides:

  • We are affiliated with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). IKO is the largest kitesurfing / kiteboarding organization in the world, specializing in educational programs and the promotion of safety practices in kitesurfing.
  • All of our instructors are IKO qualified, with over 2800 certified teaching hours.
  • We buy new equipment every year, always offering up-to-date materials.
  • We put at your disposal a large area equipped with a compressor to rig the sails, to enjoy a well-deserved rest with showers, hammocks, craft beer and free Wi-Fi!

Because our best business card is you! 

Our hard work is rewarded by your smile and your satisfaction when you succeed where you never have succeeded. This is our greatest satisfaction! It would be easy to say: “We are the best”, it is not us who establish it: it is you. This is why we let speak those who, before you, attended our school. You can find reviews of our school on Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google. We are honored that these are the words with which you most describe your experiences with KTS:

Professionalism, friendliness, safety, preparation, familiar and friendly environment, patience, availability, reliability, sympathy, friendliness, organization, competence, experience to repeat, spectacular place, they put you at ease, excellent equipment.

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Because the most beautiful places to kite in Sicily are here!

Because the most beautiful places to kite in Sicily are here!

The Stagnone lagoon is one of the best places in Italy to practice and learn Kite. This lagoon offers tense and constant winds for 300 days a year and flat water, with an average depth of 50 cm and maximum peaks of 2 meters: an irresistible combination for this sport! In addition, we are positioned in the middle of a nature reserve, which offers enchanting and unspoiled landscapes! And on top of that, we can reach spots of incredible beauty that offer wave and wind conditions unique in the world. Starting from our headquarters in Contrada Spagnola, 86A / 87, 91025 Marsala TP, we can easily reach numerous spots in the Marsala area!

Because we take care of everything!

We can provide services of hospitality and transfer, shipment and reception of equipment, B&Bs, hotels and holiday homes. We will do our best to help you find the best solution for your Stagnone Kitesurfing experience.


If you have decided to practice Kite, do not choose your school by chance: choose to give yourself an unforgettable experience with KTS: Sicilia Kitesurf lesson! We have put our cards on the table: and you, are you willing to play with us? 

If you have any questions or curiosities, do not hesitate to contact us by email or via WhatsApp. A qualified instructor will answer you soon, giving you all the useful information. 

Call now +393936481951. In Sicily, if you want to kitesurf, choose KTS!

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